Harvests from the garden

The potatoes were first to be put into the garden and while we did dig a couple up at the beginning of the month, it was really around about now that 100 days or so had passed since that day, which means time to dig them up. The plants had mostly died off and I had a feeling these had done better than the ones on the plot. In between the rain, I dug up quite a good amount which I am happy about. They are now all laid out in the kitchen drying off before I put them in a sack with the rest and store under the stairs. This now leaves just the four plants we put in quite late, four seed potatoes we found unused. They have another couple of weeks and are starting to die back now. During their growing, they have looked very good and so I have high hopes for those too when the time comes.

I also pulled the last lot of (small) onions that we planted late in the garden. One of the first things and, again, they were onion sets left over and so thought we would put them in the ground. They are all small to medium, certainly usable. In the rain, I moved the massive winter onions from their drying position in the small greenhouse(they have been drying for weeks and so more than ready to be stored) and replaced them with these ones.

French beans were looking like they needed picking and so I picked all that I could find, chopped up and put in the freezer. The plants remain as there there are still some beans still growing and going by the first year we grew these, sometimes they start off again. I sprayed some with a washing up liquid solution as they had quite a bit of black fly. I did the same with the runner beans.

The carrots don’t look the best and I put that down to over crowding and lack of air flow. Something to keep in mind next year. I may see about sowing one like lot of carrots up on the plot before the end of the month.

This now leaves empty space in the garden which looks a bit strange. Some of it has been filled with:

  • fennel plants, if all these grow we will have so much fennel we won’t know what to do with it!
  • kale, been waiting to be planted out for some time. We won’t then grow this at the plot as we find it does not keep well once it is cut and so having it just by the kitchen seems a good idea

I was going to go to the plot but the weather was pretty wet and cold and so spent the rest of the time doing bits in the garden. It has certainly been a day for a garden harvest.

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