Leeks and netting

Breakfast outside in the sun, by the evening it seemed cold, dark, and back to winter once again. It was a bit hit and miss to if we were going to have our Wednesday evening visit to the plot, but looking at how much the leeks really needed planting out decided it. I’m glad we went. It looked like it was the middle of winter, but the air was still and warm which made it quite pleasant (sun would had made it even better).

While I dibbed holes and planted out the leeks, Tom took down the netting that was covering the currant bushes. We had picked the last of currants earlier on in the week and so netting no longer needed, and the plot looks so much better without it. He also took down the failed netting not really covering the gooseberries. I’m glad I managed to pick one gooseberry, a pity the birds managed to get all the others this year.

The last lot of Wednesday evening visits have seemed like a quick rush to the plot, do what ever we needed to do, and then run back home out of the cold and wind. This week it was all a lot more relaxed and so we looked for more jobs to do. The calabrese needed more room to grow, the netting was a bit too low for the plants now. So having taken a load of netting down, Tom helped me put some more up. While doing this I noticed a small extra calabrese plant which I had thought died off weeks ago, it seems it managed to hang on enough to start to grow back.

We didn’t bring anything home, but I did notice another cucumber and a couple of courgettes that by the weekend will probably be massive.

At home, I pulled up some of the pea plants that had died back. This made room for me to put one of the potted chilli plants into the ground.

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