Weekly Harvest 14th July 20

14th July 2020

The last of the big harvest items, onions. The second lot of onions from the plot, this time the ‘normal’ ones (ie, not over wintered ones) which turned out smaller the ones over wintered. I also pulled a row of onions from the garden. These were small as expected, they were found as left overs in the cupboard before planting them out, they were one of the first things we planted in to the garden. Along with onions, we pulled the shallots too, the first time of growing and they are now laid out drying for a little while. This now leaves the plot quite bare, with a lot of plants growing at home.

The courgettes have started, which is a bit scary as we have three good looking plants. I spotted a number of butternut squashes at home too, but that will be a harvest a little way off. The cucumbers have started too, picking the first of potentially many over the next months (we picked over 50 last year!)

Picking of beetroot and french beans as needed each day has been nice as they are just by the kitchen door.

We picked the currants off of the last bush. I knew I was leaving it a bit late before the birds got them, but I still think we managed to get a load off of it which joins all the other black and red currants already been made into jam.

There were going to be no more cherries being picked but the tree still looked so fall, and so we picked another load – and gave them away!

2020 B/F £99.34

French Beans – 97g£0.65
Courgette – 629g£1.35
Lettuce – 66g£0.15
Beetroot – 77g£0.26
Peas – 50g$0.08
Onions – 7.202kg£6.63
Shallots – 1.71kg£5.13
Cherries – 810g£5.21
Ridge Cucumber – 1£1.39
Blackcurrant – 514g£6.86
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £127.05

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