Evening watering and currants

For a while it feels like it is the middle of winter and then the next week it is like the middle of summer once again. With the recent hot weather I thought it might like a bit of water, and I knew the black currants that I didn’t pick last time would be more than ready and the birds might well be helping themselves,

They had left more than enough for us to take our last picking of the year, three bushes in total which will give us enough for more jam maybe.

We also picked a massive looking courgette and our first small cucumber.

At home we have had a load of fennel which has been in a pot since we sowed it. Some of the small plants have already been planted out but a lot remain. I freed up some space at home by pulling some of the onions and putting them with the ones we pilled from the plot last week currently drying.

The peas have really finished and dying off and so I have been pulling some of them out with the idea really of pulling them all out really. The first lot of potatoes at home are ready for digging which we will sort out later on this week.

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