Wintery evening of onions

Something Tom and myself look forward to is the summer evening “pulling of the onions”, but he had to do with a rather wintery, cold and drizzly evening instead when we went up during the week. We may have over done it with onions this week, this is the second harvest and after this we still have some smaller ones left over still in the garden. As well as onions, we also pulled the shallots.

We didn’t hang about but instead pulled up and filled a sack full of onions and when came back home to get back to the warm. It was such a misery of a day that upon returning home we didn’t even unpack the harvest to sort out, we left it to another day to lay them out on the table in the hope that the sun would soon come out over the coming days. Better weather is on it’s way, we are looking forward to next week.

Meanwhile, at home, we are using a a lot of french beans and beetroot each day. The butternut squash is taking over and so I hope we have some good squashes off of that.

At the plot, I need to finish planting leeks, and finish picking the last of the black currants.

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