Planting sprouts

It was suggested it would be raining later on in the day and so even though it was rather windy I did think it would be a good time to plant out various brassicas. I took at look at the pots at home and decided to get some of the cucumbers in the ground too.

I had six cucumber plants last year and it was way too many and so I’m rather worried that I have 12 plants this year. I put out the six best looking ones and I’ll see how they go.

Brassicas planted include:

  • sprouts
  • white cabbage
  • purple sprouting

By next week I’ll have to plant out the a lot more and so the plot (which was looking a bit empty still) is suddenly filling up.

I bought home:

  • rhubarb
  • broad beans

At home we have been pulling radish and picking lettuce as we have needed it at lunch times and in doing so having the best radish harvest ever. Not only are they growing big (we are starting on the plants that marked out the parsnips) but we are also pulling them as they are immediately available unlike at the plot where you may pull a load but they don’t keep very well.

In the garden I planted the runner bean plants and also put in a butternut squash. Last year none of these did anything, this year I’m hoping something might happen (and I have another two of them to plant somewhere!)

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