Potatoes and Onions

We walked up to the allotment in the afternoon armed with bags of seed potatoes and onion sets. As the first sunny weekend for ages it was not surprising it was so busy at the plot.

I had always planned to plant both potatoes and onions this weekend, but with a sudden change in lifestyle and a pretty uncertain future, it seemed wise to take it all a bit more seriously and think of it as less of a hobby and maybe more of a necessity. Together, Tom and myself have always had a plan for the allotment should there be a zombie invasion. It’s not quite at zombie level (yet), but it feels a bit strange to actually start putting some of that crazy plan into action. We doubled the number of onions and potatoes we planted, possibly sacrificing some of the ground we might have put aside for more experimental plants. We have some left over and so will look for where we might be able to fit in some planting for second earlies and sneak in the odd onion in spaces.

I will leave off sowing carrots until next month but I did sow lot of beetroot (possibly more than I was going to), tomatoes and sprouts. Radish and lettuce that I sowed last week has all come up and should be ready to plant out (under fleece) next week.

We could had dug up some leeks to bring home but we already have some fresh veg at home so it makes sense to use that first. All of a sudden, I can visit the plot a lot more often during the week if I need to.

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