Weekly Harvest 17th March 20

17th March 2020

I couldn’t work out what the new green shoots that had appeared over the week in the middle of an empty bed. This bed used to have parsnips and it seems I had missed a couple and they had re-sprouted. An unexpected surprise and nice to have parsnips back for a small bit.

It has nearly been 12 months since I planted purple sprouting broccoli and I had even forgotten I had done so. It seems I had two plants and they both not only had small handfulls to pick it looked like a lot more to come within a week or two. Next year I’ll look after these properly.

A lot of spending money on the new strawberry bed, I bought some bags of compost to add to the new bed. This means March will be loosing money but it is nice to see already I have harvested more than last March in terms of money. I am hoping I have done all the spending for a number of months now.

2020 B/F 17.20

Leeks – 245g£0.54
Purple Sprouting – 50g£0.54
Parsnips – 419g£0.55
WEEK TOTAL £1.63£12.00
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL 27.57

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