Radish in a Pot

It is sunny and inviting outside, the clocks have changed, it seems an ideal morning to look at things in the garden and sort out some of the seedlings. How wrong, as I open the backdoor an icy cold jet stream hits me in the face and causes the curtains to fly inwards. I close the door and once again calm and warmth is returned. It feels like a scene out of a arctic adventure film.

I brave the cold strong wind (actual temperature 6c, feelings like -1c) as I have to do something with the radish seedlings. These are ready to be planted out under some fleece but there is nowhere yet in the garden to plant out them to. Instead, I have transplanted to a larger pot and I will see how they grow in there for this time round. It’s way too windy to put them outside in the open and so I put them undercover instead. I transplanted the lettuce so allow them to grow on in slightly larger pots.

Out of the all the strawberries (which I had hopped to have planted outside in the recently prepared extended bed had the world been normal still) only two of the Wilko ones have died (not unexpected). They should be find in their pots and so I gave them a bit of a water. They too shall remain undercover for a little while longer.

I hadn’t been able to feel my hands throughout all of this, it felt like “extreme seedling transplanting” battling against the wind. I ventured quickly back in doors.

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