A bit of calm before all the storms

It’s maybe worth taking photos on the odd warm and still day, it’s doesn’t seem to happen much this year and a bit of calm is always followed by a large storm – things might look a bit different and battered on the next visit. The off warm evening was spent at the plot, mostly picking strawberries (still not loads, but a reasonable amount) and raspberries (just starting). I planted out some left over celeriac, I only hope the slugs have not got them in all the recent wet weather.

Knowing about the weather I took the opportunity to sow some autumn carrot seed and plant out marigolds in between them. On my next visit I really will have to give the sprouts and cabbage, and parsnips more space to grow under their netting.

The garden has become rather overgrown, both in the beds and around the edges with bushes and grass loving the “not cold” weather, long days, and plenty of water. When it’s next dry, or at least not windy, there will be a lot of work to tidy it all back up again. The potatoes are still growing massive, much bigger than I had planned, although the recent wind and rain has battered them down a bit. It will only be a couple of weeks until it is ready to dig up the first lot.

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