Wind damaged tomatoes

Strong winds in the summer are a bit worse than strong winds in the winter, the tomato plants certainly thought so. I had them tied to sticks quite low down, they had grown quite a bit, which means they were top heavy. Most were bent but I was able to tie them back up again, a couple had snapped. I expect it won’t be a real problem as they seem to grow fast at the moment.

The potatoes took a battering too, but also they are starting to die back with the first lot being planted 98 days ago it is time for those to be dug up. I didn’t do it this evening, but maybe at the weekend. The raspberries too looked rather battered and growing out of control, maybe another weekend job will be to cut them back a bit to let them have a bit more light and air.

The sprouts and the parsnips have been growing a lot. I uncovered the parsnips and the sprouts will be another weekend job to keep them covered but to enlarge the netting.

Lots of weeding is needed… another thing for the weekend. It had better be nice weather.

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