Just sowing…

I have a long list of things to start sowing undercover which I am working through bit-by-bit. I already have some radish and lettuce which have all germinated and continue to grow outside but undercover. Last week that area showed a high of 14c and a low of 5c. It did reach -1c for the first time since I’ve been recording (three years) last month but I’d be very surprised/shocked if we see that again now that it is near the end of March.

Leeks and onion seed all doing well indoors, chilies likewise. I added a seed tray of tomatoes to this, six rows of different varieties, not sure yet if 2021 will be the “year of the tomato” but I have plans to grow some for eating and some for cooking/freezing. In with these are Black Cherry which I can’t remember if I bought them because they sounded interesting or someone bought them for me because they sounded interesting. Either way, they sound interesting.

At home I sowed some early carrots and covered in fleece, I’ve never tried them this early before so I’ll see how successful/useful they turn out to be. I hoed and raked the bed, made a straight line drill and filled with compost.

At the plot, not much going on, infact I didn’t even bring any leeks home (I’ll have to pull up double next week!). I walked up to collect the rake and hoe to bring home for the garden. I gave the beds a bit of a hoe and rake at the plot while I was there.

One thing I did notice is bindweed starting to appear (and pulled up) which is a sign of longer days. More encouraging was green shoots on the gooseberry bushes that I moved at the start of the year. Good to know I didn’t kill them.

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