Onions and rhubarb

I walked up to the plot early in the morning with a small bag of onion sets to put in, it turned out to be five rows of them plus some left over for half a row back home in the garden. This didn’t take too long as I had prepped the ground the week before and so afterwards I prepped the ground for potatoes which I might put in next week.

A number of (good) surprises. The rhubarb which last week looked like it would need quite a number of weeks to be picking (and thinking this time last year I was picking it) had suddenly doubled in size and by next weekend will be more than ready. I had another surprise as I was about to pull the purple sprouting plants that had failed to do any sprouting I noticed a number of small purple sprouting bits which given a week or two will be ready. Again, later than last year but it looks like they will come to something after all. I tidied them up a bit and covered them back over.

The broad beans seem to have recovered from their freezing and blowy weather last month. While I did loose a couple and others looked like they were beyond help, they have all sprung into life (apart from the ones I lost of course) and grown new shoots and flowers. I still have some at home undercover which I’m still waiting for them to show but I see roots coming out of the bottom of the toilet tubes they are planted in and so they are doing something. Maybe in a couple of weeks they will be small plants ready to put out.

At home the radish and salad I sowed a the other week undercover are all up and growing well. They have been joined by sprouts and spinach. I also sowed two trays of peas, some spring onions and some welsh onions. I re-potted a number of chilies too.

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