Potatoes and Fences

I pulled up the tomato plants at the plot, rescuing a small number of green tomatoes along the way. That left a bit of a gap that I’m sure the squash plants will take advantage of. While the plot tomatoes failed with blight, the ones in the garden are so far keeping most of the blight away, I still pick off bad looking bits each morning. That, and the sun, means we are starting to get red tomatoes.

I wasn’t worried about blight on the potatoes as most of the plants had died away anyway, but I thought I may as well dig the last two rows up. These were planted later than the first two but seemed to die back about the same time and so expected them to be a bit smaller. Around about 7kg per row instead of 10kg that the first two rows were, but still a lot and a good harvest. If only I could work out how to stop putting the fork through potatoes, we would get more, but even these I took home as we’ll use them first and just cut off the forked bits.

I took tools up with me to start on the small ‘fence’ which is really going to be just two decking boards along the edge. By lining the side with the plastic covering left over from when we first got the plot (to smoother out the weeds) and covering with woodchip (when I spot a load of it delivered to the site) then I hope it will help with weeds and tall grass from crossing from the path into the plot. It also replaces the falling down wire fence which I’m sure if we were on any other site we would have got a letter about it by now! I’m hoping the easier to see straight line will make it easier to strim and cut the grass, I need to go up with the strimmer at some point.

It won’t keep rabbits and other animals out, but I don’t think the current fence does a good job at that either. Not that we have any problems with rabbits, although do see them about at time.

After all that, it’s only a small start, lots more to do, a long term project I think…

Spotted rust on the leeks, which is annoying but expected seeing we get it every year. I was hoping it would keep away for a bit longer though. I cut off some of the leaves but I know it won’t stop it.

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