After the Storm

I wasn’t too worried, although I knew I had not really secured the netting very well last week and while I knew it was secure enough not to have flown away it was pretty certain that it would no longer be covering the plants. Also, debris from other plots would be a more likely problem. This was evident when I arrived, finding someone’s roof to something had flown onto the plot, made a bit of a crater in the soil and landed on top of the onions. Nothing broken, just small plants bent over a bit, plenty of time for them to recover from that.

The netting had been blown off of every plant it was covering, but secure enough to still be there. I recovered the kale, pulled up the purple sprouting plants back straight and recovered. I didn’t bother with the sprouts seeing as they are mostly done with (I picked some small ones) and because the wind had snapped some of the canes holding up the netting.

More of a surprise was how the fruit cage had lifted up and over stakes in the ground put to stop it moving and it had travelled three or four inches along the ground. Not quite as dramatic as watching spires fall off churches, but showed there must had been one or two strong gusts of wind to make that happen.

I put that back into position, picked some of the purple sprouting, and called it a day. The morning had been wind free and sunny but it was starting to look a bit less promising. By the time I had got home, it was pouring with rain and the wind had started again.

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