Weekly Harvest 22nd Feb 22

22nd February 2022

Something new, we have never grown cress, we had our first ‘pot’ of cress this week. I have actually grown cress before, I remember in infant school we grew cress and mustard and the school cook came down to the classroom one afternoon and made us all egg and cress/mustard sandwiches. She wasn’t around this time (she’s probably dead by now) and I had a pack of cress seeds so I grew them on some wet tissue. This all took about a week and now I’m having egg and cress sandwiches again (I’m actually having cheese and cress).

Last week I was surprised to see purple sprouting broccoli looking ready to pick and thought it was quite early. Looking through my records for last year and it’s not far off, it’s just that it can just coming for months and months until finally you give the last lot to the birds.

The wind had a good go at the netting protecting the sprouts, so while I was removing the netting because sprouts were mostly finished now, I was able to pick one or two. I didn’t have a bag and so put them in my pocket which gave me a bit of a surprise later on in the day.

2022 B/F £15.35

cress £0.32
purple sprouting – 60g£0.65
sprouts – 39g£0.09
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £16.41

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