Garlic and Onion Harvest

Suddenly, both the garlic and the overwintered onions looked ready, they had both died back. I did have high hopes for the garlic as it had grown pretty well for the last 6+ months, but each one had not split into cloves. This might normally be due to not enough cold/freezing weather throughout the winter, but we have had plenty. I’ve left it out to dry all the same, it certainly smells like garlic. I might just have to work out ways to preserve it or maybe it won’t make much difference. Either way, the first time this has ever happened.

The over wintered onions were better, a mixture of white and red. The white has done better. I’ve left these to dry out too, using the top of the fruit cage and a couple of lengths of wood to support them.

We have success with strawberries, I wondered if mice were still eating them before they turned red but upon arriving at the plot I saw a load of red dots in-between the green. I was able to pick nearly half a kilo of strawberries.

Potatoes had taken a battering from the storms the other night, strong rain and wind. They should recover, but at the same time we can probably start digging the first lot within a couple of weeks.

I spent some time weeding. No need for watering this time, unlike last week every other evening I was watering.

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