Garlic and tomatoes

Suddenly it was mid year, longest day, time for the garlic to be pulled up. Until a week or two ago the garlic had been all green and pointing straight upwards and then suddenly it all turned yellow and started to die back, telling me was time. I had to be careful pulling it up as the young tomato plants were mingled with them. I was pleased to see a them all clove up and looking good, last year we had a lot that never did that but I was hoping for something a bit better this year with some of the freezing weather we had over the winter.

I left them laid out on the fruit bush cage to dry out for a couple of weeks. The days are quite hot and sunny at the moment (the year high of 27c registered in the garden, so probably higher away from the seafront and on the edge of the Downs).

Once the garlic was up I was able to stake up the tomatoes which all seem to like the extra support and suddenly spend less time trying to stand up right and more time growing.

The rest of the time was spent weeding and tidying, picking broad beans and trying to keep the cover for the peas on.

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