Onions out, Butternut Squash in

Wind and rain and wind, and more wind…. In the end I thought I need to get the onions out and more urgent, I need to get the butternut squash in. Along with a load of small plants all needing planting out, I have three butternut squash or which two of them I have now finally planted out. These leaves cucumbers and courgettes which must go out this week….

To make room I pulled up the onions from one of the poppadomes. The weather was not good, raining, and so decided to pull up the rest another day. I also pulled up a load of flowing radish plants that suddenly went to seed in a blink of an eye. Within the space of a week or so the beds in the garden have exploded, especially the beans of which I’m not sure if I’ve planted runner beans one end by mistake or they are just very fast climbing french beans. Unfortunately the wind has really been strong for the past week and has tested the supports quite a bit.

With the onions and the old radish gone there was room for a couple of the butternut squash. I added compost and dug in a bit and then put the well established plants in. Not sure where I will put the third. I’m also not sure if I should try and put some cucumbers in the garden as well as on the plot as they did quite well last time I did that.

It started to really rain… so I tidied everything up and rushed back in doors. It’s warm but wet, which is good for the plant growth meaning the garden is starting to look a bit like the lost world and could do with a dry, non windy, day to tidy up.

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