The night of the peas and courgettes

I had not been to the plot for over a week, the weather had been a mix of hot sun, warm showers and lots of wind, I was sure I would have some weeding to do. The main reason though for me visit was to plant out the courgettes that have been undercover at home desperately needing to be planted out for the last couple of weeks. Getting to the plot I was faced with a lost world of high grass and low hanging trees, vines trailing right across the thin plot from the field next door, bindweed covered the floor. It was as if I had skipped a number of years and come back to a world of rain forests and dinosaurs.

I dug in a bag of compost manure into holes for the courgettes to go into, watering it as went along. The soil is still very clay like and dry, so the courgettes should like being planted into the wholes. This now means the plot is filled up, for the time being.

With all the wind I was surprised the peas were still standing but I saw all were upright and none had snapped. The netting had blown off and vine from the field next door had started to climb up the supports. It had been painful to see pigeons had been at them the other week which is what led me to covering them netting with the hope that we might get some peas from them. In the end I picked just over half a kilo so either the pigeons gave up or the netting had worked for the times it was covering the plants.

With a lot of young plants sat home still to put out somewhere it means I need to make space on the plot. The broad beans have all but finished and so on my next visit they can come up, but I have already planted out leeks in-between them for when they are gone. The peas still have plenty going on and will be in the ground for at least another couple of weeks. I looked at the potatoes and decided to start digging them up each week, but the first plant gave me just over 1kg of potatoes and which is enough to eat for at least a couple of weeks or so. Still, in the gap, I will plant out one of the desperate looking cucumber plants.

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