More seeds

Mostly sowing more seeds, which will start off indoors until they germinate and then go outside undercover.

  • spinach
  • sprouts
  • tomatoes

Last week’s lettuce sowings will need picking out next week.

I did pop up to the plot as it was quite a warm afternoon and I thought if I took my drill and screws then I could do some of the edging to the plot. I didn’t take a saw though, so that put a stop to that. Instead I thought I would start sorting out the “decking”, the area where the two wooden and very wobbly chairs are. The wood underneath has rotted away and I am replacing it with the old decking wood from the garden. I had an idea of laying down a pallet as the base and screwing the decking boards on top. It worked well and quickly, but it was quite raised up and made it more like sitting high up on a throne. On my next visit I’ll dismantle it and redo it a lot lot lower.

There is a lot of waste wood on the plot at the moment which I will burn and I need to do it soon as I’m sure by April we are no longer permitted to have fires.

While I was at the plot I did some light raking of the beds to help break the soil down.

I picked:

  • rhubarb
  • sprouts

The sprouts are the one that got away, I had given up on them not doing anything but if I had not done so when we would have had a great harvest. I was able to pick some today, most had blown out as little cabbages, which I know I could also pick but they didn’t feel like real sprouts.

The broad beans planted last week are still there, I tied them up to sticks. Those planted under bottles have started to show, those planted not under bottles have yet to show.

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