New decking, more sowing, some repotting

Finally got round to replacing the “decking” at the plot. It was originally made of pallets but after a number of years it had rotted away and I spent most of last year tripping over it all. The idea was to have a flat bit in the middle of the plot to put some chairs so you can sit and watch things grow. The two old wooden chairs we inherited with the plot and after a lot of repairs I fear these have some to the end of their life too. I replaced the old pallet wood decking with actual old decking wood from the garden. It’s been at least a couple of years (if not longer) that we replaced the decking in the garden with composite and so this really is a project that should had been done years ago and in the end took no time at all.

At home I’ve been:

  • sowing peas,
  • repotting chilies plants
  • picking out lettuce to repot.
  • sprout seeds I sowed the other week have come up and I pricked out and re-potted some of them.
  • spring onion seeds germinated
  • tomatoes were not showing yesterday but suddenly over night seem to be there

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