Tidying up – last fire of the year

This weekend would be the last time fires are permitted until the end of summer, so I was pleased to see that the rain and wind would be stopping on Sunday as I still had a lot of old bits of wood laying around and looking messy. The bottom of the incinerator seems to have disappeared which explains why the woodchip path suddenly caught alight last time as the contents of the incinerator fell to the ground. Not a problem though, I just moved it onto an empty bed instead.

There is a lot of waste wood laying about, old pallets, rotten bits of wood, and bits of decking from the garden. I tidied up the pile of decking wood and kept just the good bits putting them back into a more neater pile. So much old wood littering the plot, I burnt quite a lot of it and the plot looked a lot tidier afterwards.

While doing this I raked over the beds and got rid of any of the small weeds. I spotted bindweed in places starting to come up. Everything is ready for sowing and planting. The layer of home made compost that I put on the beds the other month has made a big difference and I’m pleased with it all.

I took home a load of rhubarb, the plant has suddenly exploded since last week. I tidied up the purple sprouting which I was pleased to see some heads starting to grow. I pulled off some of the lower leaves and reset the stakes before covering it over again.

I got chatting with the bloke on the plot next to us who told me he was only there to pick up some tools as he was giving his plot up. He suggested that I could have anything I liked off his plot later on when he had cleared all the bits he wanted, so I did return later in the day. I helped myself to his incinerator, in much better condition than ours, good timing.

During the week I transplanted tomato seedlings and repotted chillies.

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