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Easter weekend was set to be super sunny for the most part (BRITS SIZZLE IN EASTER HEATWAVE.. as the papers would say). We made the most of this by going out on walks , visiting family and generally enjoying nice weather for the first time in ages. To counter this, the end of the Easter break was due for rain and bad weather (BRITS BATTEN DOWN AS STORM ‘DEATH MAIDEN’ HITS THE SHORES…) and so I wanted to get some potatoes in the ground before all of that. It was both light and warm still at seven in the evening and with an hour of daylight left I went up to the plot. I’ve put in three fours. There will be four in total, the last row I’ll do in a couple of weeks.

While I was there I raked over some of the beds to remove any small weed seedlings and I pulled up a whole load of bindweed that had started to show in places. I took home a load of purple sprouting and I should had taken a lot of rhubarb but time was getting on, it was now dark.

The next day when we woke up, it was raining and it looked like it was set for the day.

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