Sunrise, frost and raspberries

I got to the plot before sunrise this morning, it was a bit dark and certainly a lot cold, frost on the ground. It will be not too long that I can drop Tom off at work early on Sunday morning and get to the plot to start working straight away, but for now I had to wait. A cup of coffee was needed and by then it was light enough to work.

For months there had been a pile of old pallets by the entrance of the plot, it looked like someone had left them there maybe for anyone to pick up and use. I decided that they had been there long enough and so was going to pick them up and use them as the base for some new decking to put the chairs on as the existing wood had rotten all the way through. A bit of a surprise that this morning they were no longer there. Either another plot holder had decided to use them or maybe some one had cleared them as it was technically fly tipping. I have pallets at home so it was not a problem.

The ground was pretty solid in places and so I decided not to try to dig up parsnips. Instead I thought I’d make a start on the raspberry bed. My raspberry bed is full of grass and bindweed and the lines of canes had gone astray over the years. I started the task of digging down at least two spade spit lengths, removing as much bindweed root as I could and then repositioning/thinning out the canes. Hard work, I only got a quarter of the way through. I’ve also removed the old fallen down wire fence, a pity I did not have my drill to fix come wooden edging properly but I have temporary put some along the side. It cleared off the path between the plots a bit, and it seems there are new people in the plot next to us so it’s probably a job I should finish off along the whole length (I started doing it two years ago!)

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