The windy day of potatoes – and sprouts

A rare sunny and dry day, although windy, I thought we’d better dig up the potatoes. This was mainly because I needed some space to plant out the purple sprouting and the kale, both of which has been at home in pots for way too long. We dug up three of the four remaining rows, leaving the last row for another way. Good job too as what we did dig filled the whole potato sack.

The recent cold weather and wind has not helped the cucumber plants, or the courgettes, they have both to really take off. Previous years we would be picking both cucumbers and courgettes and moaning that we had too many of them. I left them a bit too late to plant out this year and the weather has not been good since.

The sprout plants have been minding their own business under low netting since I planted them out the other month and for the last couple of weeks I have been meaning to increase the height of the netting and stake them up. Upon removing the covers it was clear to see that weeds as well as sprout plants were trying to get out. It was not as bad as it looked and didn’t take long to tidy it all up. After a week or so the small plants will be standing up straight and I’ll be able to stake up further

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