Strawberry netting and potatoes

A had a chance afternoon not at work during the week and so took the opportunity to spend it at the plot, I didn’t have any particular job in mind to do apart from doing something I enjoyed, not being in an office. As is happens, I decided to make the frame for netting to go over the strawberries. To stop the mouse getting to them I had to first put the missing side of the bed in place, a length of old decking did the trick. I was going to build a small raised netting cage over the top but the soil level has dropped so much that actually the decking edging around the bed was high enough and all that was needed was a frame to put netting on. Using my rough pocket saw and eyesight for measurements, I quickly knocked something up using some of the waste wooden battens. I wasn’t going to, but I thought I would try out some of the small black plastic netting I had for size, and seeing as I had my stable gun with me, thought I may as well start fitting it. I cut it all to size and stabled most of it until I ran out of stables. I was quite pleased with the result so far. To finish off I need to make a second frame with netting, slightly out of square to match the wonky bed and create a snug fit to stop the mouse getting in.

Another visit in the evening at the weekend, where I saw potatoes plants starting to show for the first three rows. I banked these up slightly to re-cover them. I collected woodchip from the communal pile to redo the paths. I climbed the trees in the field next to the plot to cut down some of the branches over hanging.

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