Potatoes planted

So far with Easter weather, promised to be windy and unsettled, has turned out to be warm with blue skies. An early morning visit today to get potatoes in the ground, six rows. A mixture of Kidney International and Maris Piper. The ground mostly was not too wet, I added in some compost to the trench near the end of the plot where the horse manure I dug in a while back was still quite sticky. I added a lot of this to the compost heap at the time and I think once I have given it a year it will have broken down a lot more, probably better than digging into the soil straight off.

I also hoed and added compost to the empty bed that was carrots last year, this time it will be parsnips. I will start off the parsnips are home to germinate the seed on some damp kitchen paper before I plant out, possibly next weekend. Before I do sow the seed I will pull up the remaining leeks from the bed. Last year the leek’s did not look good but winter has been good to them and actually we have a good number of leeks which is something we have not had since 2020.

I picked a number of rhubarb leaves to clear space on the bed for the potatoes.

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