The battle of the weeds

A mix of warm weather and rain meant the plot, and in fact the whole allotment site, had turned into a forgotten jungle. With more plots now being worked on, it meant it was less of a hack to get to our plot. I had come with the strimmer so first of all I tidied up the paths around the plot which straight away made things look more like back to normal. Earlier on in the week I had spent half an hour weeding as I stopped by on my way home from work, mostly pulling out bindweed. This morning I repeated this but glad I had done most of the hard work the previous day.

I was disheartened that none of the peas I had sowed had yet to show any signs of life, I half wonder if the mice found the peas and eat them all. I still had half a tray of pea plants that were meant to go up to the plot but never made it as I had to use them to replace the ones the squirrels had destroyed Fortunately, the squirrels had not been back and so the remaining plants made it to the plot and I planted them out.

In the morning I had forgot to take the courgette plants with me and so I returned in the afternoon to plant them out in the bed I prepped last month by adding a load of manure and covering it over.

During the return visit I noticed a number of currents and even some gooseberries on the new bushes. I wanted to protect these seeing as I had taken down the fruit cage at the beginning of the year. The cage didn’t work well as not only did it keep birds out but it kept me out too meaning it was hard to keep the weeds down and look after them. This time I have hung netting over the top leaving the side free, this worked well before the cage and hopefully will work again this year. The netting over the strawberries is hopefully working, there are plenty of green strawberries which the mice would had normally eaten possibly by now. I hope they will remain, turn red, and be picked by us and not eaten by mice.

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