Pruning Raspberries Part One

I’ve decided that as long as it continues to rain every day of the week it is simply too muddy to do any ground clearance on the plot.  Even thinking about it and you find yourself covered in mud as if you were a hippo having a bath.    I thought I would start looking at the raspberries instead.

There are six rows of raspberries of which they all look like they might be autumn ones by the canes being a bit prickly.  The plan would be to cut them right back, but not wanting to get it wrong just in case they are actually summer ones, I decided to split the difference and cut down a bit and thin out.    It took quite a long time just to do 3 rows, including digging out and cutting off runners and in doing so taking it back to proper rows.

As with all this fruit, I need to sort out something to mulch with maybe in a couple of months time, plus I am sure some plastic sheeting and barkchip will be finding its way inbetween the rows.

A bloke from a couple of plots down came over to say hello, which was nice.  I always see him and I expect he always see’s me each weekend.

A bonus, the garlic planted last month is starting to show.  First you could see one and as your eyes tuned into things you noticed three of four others.   That will be the first plant showing of the new allotment!


Ladybird gives a small bit of colour within all the mud


Starting to reclaim space and airflow…

Garlic coming up! Our first planting of the allotment


So glad we found this before we covered everything with plastic sheeting for the winter



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