Raspberries.. raspberries

A break in the constant cold, wind and rain, I arrived early and spent a long time pruning the remaining lot of raspberries.   I’ve decided that are all autumn ones as they are all prickly and I can see the level they were last pruned to, so I removed all the dead bits and pruned to a bit lower.   The left hand lot seem a bit more wild than the others, so I can imagine next year these will go, there are only so many raspberries you can have.

I checked on the rhubarb and found a second plant growing next the first, which was a surprise.  That too were the daffodils that were starting to flower on the edge of the plot.  Garlic mostly all come up, although I can’t quite remember how many I put in the rows and how many rows I did, for next lot of sowing I will maybe mark it out better.

Apart from pruning and getting rid of rubbish, the other ongoing job is digging over.  By covering over everything the ground was soft like slicing through a chocolate brownie where there was once thick grass.  Not enough time for everything to die completely but everything was yellow and soggy.   Probably just one more visit of digging to have it all done.




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