A couple of days of wind and rain


After a good month of blue skies, hot weather and sun sun sun… we had two or three days of rain and wind.   The result is a sudden growth on everything and a bit of wind damage.   The sweetcorn shows no signs of any corn inside, although I’m not fully sure when they are meant to so I’m not too concerned.  They keep growing and one of them I have had to tie to a stick to keep it upright.  The water has given the courgette plant a lot of think about and that is starting to use all it’s four squares allotted to it, plus put on a display of flowers too which means courgettes will soon be on their way.

We have a number of empty squares now which are waiting for me to find time to replant them.  At the same time I will top up the soil too with a new mix of peat, compost and vermiculite.  Over the months the level of the soil has dropped quite a bit and I’m glad I planted globe varieties of carrots otherwise there would not be much to have when the time comes.

The big thing to know is that I really should had done the vertical part of growing a lot better and by the book.   The tomatoes are over grown and by clumped up and I just hope that the millions of tomatoes that it seems to be growing all survive and don’t get too damp and warm and just rot.  The poor peas are swamped by the tomatoes and while I have seen a couple of pea pods I fear that may be it.    All of this could had been avoided if I had done the vertical supports correctly and we would then have a wall of peas and tomatoes and beans.   Next year…..


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