Going to Seed?


We have had a very hot July so far which has meant watering first thing in the morning and in the early evening too which has given steady growth on all plants.   Over the weekend we were away so I gave extra water on the Friday and hoped all would be ok.  I wonder if that was a good idea as I notice now a lot of the raddish and rocket has bolted and gone to seed.  A bit of a pity.    I am sure that must be part of the reason for all this.

In the meantime, everything else is growing.  The two tomato plants are desperate to be tied up a bit more as they are starting to swamp the other squares.  I spot new small green tomatoes each day, tomorrow I will tie it all up.   This shall rescue the carrot squares around the tomatoes.   I notice pea pods starting, and the courgette plant has two flowers plus is going to swamp all it’s four squares within no time.

The potatoes need digging up out of the pots.  I need to work out just how to get them out from under the bean poles….

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