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I was thinking, after a fantastic two months of solid sunshine we seem to have hit Autumn a bit early with either rain or cloud and cold evenings.   Where have all the blue skies gone I wonder, and is this really it for 2010?  I am sure September will give us a last bit of sunshine before the darkness of winter.    In the meantime the square foot garden is a little bit in-between.  A lot has been eaten while others are still waiting to do what they are meant to, and at the same time we have new plants too.   All a bit of cross roads and within a month I am sure it will all look totally different.   We were late for planting a lot of things such as onions and leeeks which mean the onions are small and the leeks are more like spring onions (thins ones).   When there is some dry weather on the way I will pull up all the onions and lay out to dry.  The leeks, we will just keep an eye on them to see what happens.

Currently we have tomatoes ripening each day and beans to pick.

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