Time to renew the worms

Years ago we bought a worm composter from a company called Wiggly Wigglers and their now quite famous Can-O-Worms. That was quite successful, living in a small house with a smaller garden it seemed like that ideal way to get rid of our compostable rubbish. I remember very well the moment that our kit arrived and in the kitchen we opened all the bags that came as part of it, finding one bag full of wiggly worms! We moved house and our worms came with us, just tied down the sections and didn’t like to tell the removal men what they are transporting for us.

We moved house, we put everything where is should be, we left the Can-O-Worms in the garden while we started working on the house. Unfortunately working on the house took a little longer than we first thought and nearly three years later I finally decided it was time to “look at the worms”. Of course, the worms had now long gone, probably died I suppose and become part of the compost, but was interesting to see a friendly big spider on the top level with a huge web. The top layer had decomposed food (under the spider web) and loads of egg shells, but the layers underneath were all very nice and earthy smelling soil just as you would hope for.

I have emptied the whole thing (used it to dig into a newly cleared bit of garden) and now it is time to start again. 2007 will be the year of the worms, lol.

So why now? It is really a bit to do because I have been listening each week to the Wiggly Wigglers Wormcast Podcast. I download it using iTunes and burn it onto CD in order to listen to in the car on the way to work, and the free and easy talk that goes on it both informative and amusing. Makes you want to go out and kiss the first worm that you see. Well, maybe I won’t quite do that, but I thought it might be good to write about it all. The first time round we just went for it, never really looked after things, just added stuff and that was it. Doing that did actually seem to do the job most of the times, apart from the occasions of flys and maggots, non-eating worms, and a soggy mess. Sure, it all sorted itself out (esp with some Worm Treat) after a little while, but I don’t suppose it was nice for the worms, it def wasn’t nice for us each time we opened the lid. This time, it is going to be different, we are going to look after our worms (when we have bought a new batch) and treat them as part of the family 🙂

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