The bit down the side

There is always a bit in a garden that doesn’t get the sun much, maybe is down the side of the house too, a little bit that is too narrow to really use but too wide to say is an alley way. Without any intervention it can well become a place out of site where you can just dump things.

This is what we have done with our ‘bit down the side’. It currently houses an old wormary which we haven’t used since we moved and I really need to empty and start it again, and of course a number of unwanted pallets and bags of wood and well, lots of rubbish! Project ‘bit down the side’ is underway with a cunning plan to use a number of pallets that we just happen to have laying around (everyone should have pallets laying around handy, they can be used for so many things) as ‘rustic looking decking’.

Just a trial to start with then. I cleared out all the rubbish, talked to a couple of toads who had made their house there, pick-axed some concrete out and had a look how it might look by laying down the two pallets. Not too bad I thought, using my imagination. So work is now underway. At the moment you too will have to use your imagination, but watch this space for the finished ‘bit down the side’.

DSC00090 DSC00093 DSC00091

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