The Worms Have Arrived

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The worms arrived, in a little box with air holes, they all looked quite cosy in there.  Fizz was not as convinced as me and the boys and she refused to touch the box, so it sat and waited for me to come home, where the courier man had left the box, on the hallway floor.   I was in a bit of a dilemma as while it was all quite exciting that they had arrived, the timing was not great as for the next two days I had a couple of late nights arranged at work and I really wanted T&J to help me with setting the whole wormary up.    Would the worms be fine for an extra two or three days in their little bag in the box?  After some thinking I decided that they were in a bag which was in a box with air holes, and they were probably mixed up with a load of bedding too which, if they became hungry, they could start nibbling on that.   If I put them in the cool garage for a couple of days they would be fine.  So, in they went, resting on top of the Trabant (which is under ‘restoration’, I promise) and the dark and cool garage.

The last time we had the worms we didn’t really put too much thought into anything or attempt to understant what was going on.   For a number of reasons, this time I want to do things a bit different, I want to actualy do it all properly.  Not only would this make me a ‘worm expert’ around friends (much to their delight) but it would also allow me to get the most out of the wormary.   Last time, we had flys and all sorts of things in and around it, this time I want to prevent this and by doing things the correct way and having worms eating the waste at just the right rate, all we should have is a lot of happy worms and an earthy smell instead of a swarm of flys and a smell similar to a blocked drain!   Another aim here too, with two four year old boys who would, being boys, be excited about worms and creepy crawlys, I want to get them involved.  Last time, we didn’t have any four year old boys, infact we had no boys at all to share my excitement about worms!

In order to aid my understanding I decided to splash out and buy a book that I have had my eye on for years and I see mentioned and recommended all over the place.   Mary Appelhof seems to be a bit of a ‘worm woman’ and her book ‘Worms Eat My Garbage’ seems to be the book you must read.   I have to say, I’m reading it very fast at the moment, learning what I can and it is all of great interest.

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