Rain cap for worms

I forgot all about this when I ordered the worms.  I always said next time when we have worms we would have to make sure we were able to cover the Can-o-worms as when it rains things get wet.  Before, we had it under a bit of a makeshift shed thing but it was never perfect and so we spent a lot of the time opening the tap at the bottom to let all the water out.  At times, we would just leave the tap open just incase it rained so much that the water filled the bottom and started to seep into the bottom layer and drown the worms.  That then, was a bit of a waste of the liquid worm fertilizer (worm wee!) which was most of the time just running out of the open tap.

It was good then that a while back I noticed in the Wiggly Wigglers catalogue a breathable rain cover for the Can-o-Worms.  Certainly something I was going to include in my order for new worms, but I forgot!  So, a second order was made on the internet and within a couple of days a new cover was delivered.  I took the opportunity to order some Lime Mix too.  It’s all coming back to me know all the things we used to do.  Before, we had a bag of Worm Treat and a bag of Lime Mix.   The idea to try to keep the ph value of the bedding to something that the worms liked, if it gets too acidity then just add some of the Lime Mix.  In order to further aid with this, I ordered a ph tester off ebay!

DSC00185#1.JPG DSC00205#1.JPG

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