Hello worms, this is your new home

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The worms then spent a couple of days and nights in their bag in the cool dark garage, until Saturday morning.  It was a typical summers day on the Saturday, which going by this year’s weather is quite something, and so T&J were more than ready to help with the worms as soon as they got up and had had breakfast!

It was years ago since we started the original worms off, I remember we ‘dissolved’ the bedding block in a bucket in the kitchen and were amazed that from the small dry bedding block came out a huge huge amount of wet bedding when you added water!   So, we did the same again (although this time outside), and I explained to T&J as I added the water how over the next 10 minutes the ‘brick’ (as it looks like in its dry form) would grow and grow and grow into a nice big bed for the worms.    It did too, but took a good 20 minutes which was well over their attention span so instead I called them over to have a look at interesting points while they helped the time go by rushing up and down the garden in their Little Tikes cars.

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The idea of the bedding is to give something for the worms to live in, no-one really wants to live in just a pot of rubbish!  It keeps them warm or cool depending on the outside temperature, and allows moisture to I suppose both be captured and to escape from the worms.  It’s a nice cosy place to be, if you are a worm.  According to the book (Worms Eat My Garbage) you can use all sorts of things as bedding, including things like shredded paper.

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Eventually, the bedding block turned into wet bedding and the fun was all ready to begin.  I called T&J out from their cars and over they came to see the bedding go into the worm bin.  We did all agree that it looked like a nice place to live if you were a worm which then prompted for the excitement of unpacking the worms from their bag.   Both T&J had a quick handle of the bag, but always eager that maybe they didn’t quite relise that there were life worms in the bag and ever conscious that at any minute one of them might squeeze it to see what happens, I took over and cut open the bag of worms and tipped them into their new home.  They seemed all quite happy after their two days of sitting in the garage (I saw one or two of them smiling I’m sure) and they seemed even happier once on their new bedding.   We all watched as they quickly all started burrowing down into the bedding to get away from the bright sunlight and within minutes they were all gone again in their new home under the bedding and out of sight.   Everyone did have time though to quickly touch the worms as they wiggled about, and one or two of them were given pet names (not too sure about the one named after their teacher!).

It all seemed a bit of an anti-climax after the great build up, but had taken us a good hour and everyone was all excited about what we could feed the worms later on in the day.  In the meantime, we put the lid on and let them get used to things.

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