Wild Strawberries are planted

Strawberries are so nice and so easy to grow, I don’t know why it has taken this long to actually get some for the garden. Actually, I have tried and did have some plants on our allotment when we had it, and was going to plant some in pots this year but never got round to it. So reading up on Wild Strawberries the other week was quite interesting, firstly because I never knew there was such a thing, and secondly because they can be planted really anytime in the year and their aim is to spread all over the place and produce small very sweet fruits. Ideal then I thought for the side of the driveway in the front garden that is currently all stones and weeds and is really such a pain to know what to do with.

So, off to ebay and I bought four plants which I planed to put in the poor soil on the side of the driveway and over the years they would spread quite well, and at the same time look nice with their flowers and fruit, invite wildlife, and of course give us the odd wild strawberry to eat. This has to be something mainly for ground cover and not for food as I don’ think they will produce that much, and what they do produce may well be very sweet and nice, but also small too. So one for the wildlife with the odd one for us as we pass, next year I will try to find time once again to plant some eating ones.

Today, the plants arrived, in an envelope wrapped in newspaper and in plastic bags so that they were still quite moist. Even though it was getting dark, and it was raining, I thought I would plant them out tonight. I was just going to remove the weeds and dig the bed over until I soon found out that it was really just 5 or 6 inches of soil and then mainly stones! Instead, I used some of the compost that we have been making since we moved here and two big bucket loads did it (another one will be needed too I think to go round the Rhubarb when we have picked it). The compost was black and crumbly and all nice and smelt all earthy, really good going seeing as we don’t really do much with the composter. I made small holes, filled a bit with potting compost and put the plants in. Let’s see how it goes…..

Wild Strawberries - Before Wild Strawberries - After

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