Lavender Ready for Renewal?

This has taken quite a bit of rough treatment over the years, even more so when we got T&J Little Tikes cars each and then bikes.   How many children have falling into the lavender or driven into it?   It is now looking all a bit of a woody mess and it has a great big hole in the middle (as well as a hole at the end).

To help plug the hole in the middle I have put ready to plant the remaining cuttings that I took a while a go, and I am pleased as the whole cuttings idea was a great success.   But the rest of the lavender is really looking a mess a think, it has overgrown in places leaving it woody, while other bits are missing or crushed.

So I continue to ponder, shall I pull it all out and replant with a mixture of new plants and cuttings?

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2 thoughts on “Lavender Ready for Renewal?

  1. Oh, I love lavender! I’d give it a good prune now that it’s spring – NOT right back to the wood – and it should fill out nicely for summer. Fill in the gaps with your new plants. Better rolling off your bike into lavender than into roses LOL 🙂

    Gayle 🙂

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