Clematis Clematis

We have had rain for a couple of days, quite light and broken which has meant it has not been totally unpleasent.   It seems that the Clematis in the front and in the back have loved the weather with each time I looked out of the window it was as if you would see extra buds appearing.

Now, I should really take a bit more notice when I planted these two as I now cannot remember what they are.  All I know is that the one in front flowers around about now and looks great as there are not many other flowers around.   I think by next week the bush may be at its best.    The one in the back (top photo) is even more unknown as a couple of years ago the rabbit eat most of it and it has taken this long for it to recover and regrow, so we wait and see what that has in store – but again it is great as it is a bit of flowerly brightness in a time of the year that can be so hit and miss.

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