Planting Seeds Over Easter

What to do when the Easter holiday weekend starts with pouring rain all day?   I decided to see what seeds we had in the garage and what we could plant indoors.   All this I should had been thinking about during the winter, but hey hoy it is better late than never and infact it is not late at all I don’t think to be sowing seeds indoors (and infact out of doors is we braved the rain).

We used this time too in order to repot the tomato seedlings that we sowed the other week.  Two we potted into plastic pots for possible growing indoors on the window sill, with the rest going into carboard pots for planting later on outside within the flowers; two plants per pot to be on the safe side seeing as we did have a lot of tomato plant seedlings.

From the garage I found a number of packets of seeds that had been collected from over the years.  This consisted mainly of runner beans and raddish seeds which each year I must buy another packet and leave the left overs in the garage cupboard.   I decided today then to sow a mixture of sunflower seeds (Russian Mammoth and Giant Single) and a number of sweet peas (Old Fashioned Mix it said on the packet).   We had great success with sunflowers last year with both giant ones and the dark read multi-headed ones which I really must find more seed.  Sweet peas we have grown previous years, all from the same seed that came from plants from another year.  This time I have this new seed, so will see what comes out of it.

This has just been a rainy day, if you look there is always something you can do indoors when it is too bad to be out doors.   But it’s definatly time to put in some serious thought about things to grow this year.

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