May 2009

May has been a month of mixed weather.  It started off like summer time but soon we were left with weeks or constant rain followed by cold strong winds.  This has all meant that a lot of things have not been done and put off until the half term holiday next week.   But it has stayed mainly warm which has been great really as we have rain and warmth and a bit of sun now and then all resulting in plants shooting up.

The clematis looks fab in May!  We have Californian poppies and marrigolds and lots of things all starting up.   The gooseberry bushes are very green although I haven’t seen any flowers.  We have had two pretty bad years with gooseberries suffering very much from sawfly it seems (no leaves left) and of course no fruit.  I suppose it looks like no fruit for this year either, but they are looking very healthy apart from that.

The grass is thin but I have left a part of it uncut.  Last year I scattered meadow flower seed over the grass but of course I kept it cut short which was a bit silly.  I didn’t want the garden to take on an unkept look though, so I didn’t really want to cut the grass but thought I should do in order to keep happy with the nieghbours!   But this year I decided to make it look like it is meant to look slightly wild and so have cut the grass but kept a part uncut and looking like it is meant to be.  We shall wait and see what flowers come up.

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