Plums everywhere apart from on the tree!

I was so delighted the other month to find out out that our non flowering cherry tree had "turned into" a fully fruiting plum tree.  The small plums, when turned dark and ripened, are really juicy and full of flavor.   So it is a pity that with high winds and birds most of the yet to fully ripen plums fell off the tree before I had chance to eat many of them.    A pity, and the job of clearing them up on a daily basis from the grass was not a nice one.   A bit unsure of what to do with them all (they really were not nice tasting while still yellow) I gave them all to the worms in the wormary.  I wondered if I may have had flooded the worms a bit too much with one food type, but they seemed to love it – although now I do think actually my vermicompost is now going to be full of plum stones.  Whoops.

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