Summer Time Flowers

These look just so great and is what I have tried to make the garden be all about, wild flowers looking their best.     Both the many corn flowers and the huge amount of poppies have come from very old scatter seed which each year never fails (and I’m very suprised that these as I just scattered the old seed in a way to get rid of old seed and not much hope of germination!).

I am thinking though that after three years of doing this, it does all need a little bit of up keep before it goes too wild, and sometimes the results are not quite what you wanted and unless you intervene then nature takes its course with which plants do best.  I tend to allow nature its way which has meant some parts of the garden have turned out different to have I had wanted, year after year!  However, they will reseed for next year and possibly I will try to save seed to in order to plant in other areas.

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