We have this bit of concrete…

… in the corner of the garden that once had a shed on it.  Unfortunatly the previous owners of the house took the shed with them which I don’t actualy think was very legal but hey.  For years then it has just stayed there.  We did have a small play house on it when the boys were younger but strangly they were not much interested in it, I even painted it green so that it blended in a bit (as much as it can).

Even before we moved into the house I had plans of a veg patch in this corner, but of course digging up concrete is not a gentle passtime and also with two boys I also had plans for using it as a base for a play house type thing.  But that has never happened and I wonder if it ever really will, instead if will just stay as a peice of concrete in the corner of the garden that collects rubbish.

Unfortunately that is just what it does do, over the years we just used piled more and more rubbish on it.  Not a problem if is wasn’t for the fact that it is quite noticable in the garden.  As I had some spare pallets (a gardener should always have a small collection of pallets) I used them to fence off and hide all the rubbish and so that just meant more rubbish got put behind that.

But we must really do something with it as it is a big part of the garden that is simply wasted and I beleive I am now nearly made up my mind,   dig up the concrete and create square root gardening beds instead.    Or… I did think about creating giant raised beds on top of the concrete, something that would be two scaffolding planks tall in order to get the depth.  This however seemed to really be creating a giant container and have all the issues you have with growing in containers such as the constant watering.  Plus, the cost of the soil to put in would be massive I’m sure.

So the other weekend I made a start by tidying it all up.  The photos show a bit of before and after, although the before shot possibly looks a bit nicer as the photo was taken looking through the plants and you also have Tom and Jack busy with their potato pots.   But the after photo shows a much deminished area for rubbish (I will have a number of bricks and some offcuts of wood hidden behind that pallet!) so that is a start.   Infact now we have the potato pots on there along with a grow bag and a bit of a home made cloche, plus the boys wheelbarrows – so it is indeed looking better.  The local dump is now a bit fuller.

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2 thoughts on “We have this bit of concrete…

  1. How about building a pergola type structure over it and making a feature of it? With some climbing plants and a nice seat under it, it could look really good.

    Depending on the position, I’d have it as a base for a small greenhouse (if you don’t already have one)

  2. Well this bit of concrete takes up a big part of the garden which itself is not massive, so the fact that they took the garden shed was not a problem as I don’t think there is really room for it.

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