Rooster Potatoes Planted

I read my notes from last year and we left it a bit late for planting potatoes and so nice to see this year we have just got there in time for a late main crop harvest.    Using the pots again that we have used before for growing potatoes, filled up the the first line with the seed potato around 5cm below.   We will wait for shoots to appear before we fill it up to the top and then that will really be it until harvest time August/September.     I say “we” as Tom and Jack once again helped as they have done for the past two years, there is nothing more exciting in months to come than digging through soil looking for the treasures in shape of potatoes.   A good potato website is the British Potato Council, simple and straight to the point.

Next year I think I would like to grow potatoes in rubble sacks as they take up a lot less room than these two containers do.   I also have noted down a good date for possible planting of potatoes so they will be ready for Christmas, July is when it all happens it seems.

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