14 Days Later… We Have a Carrot!


For this Square Foot Gardening I am keep plans up-to-date on a spreadsheet, something I may share at some time.  The idea being is that Square Foot Gardening is intensive growing, using space as soon as it is available to your best advantage.  A spreadsheet then would be a good idea to plan for the whole year for what goes where and when they are expected to be germinating and growing and then harvesting.   I have in the spreadsheet that it takes up to 17 days for carrot seed to germinate.   It seems like ages since I planted them and each day I have taken a look to see if I can see anything, with the knowledge that according to my spreadsheet I may not see anything until the 27th of May.   I took a look today, and noticed the first signs of successful germination, at 11 days!   All together there are 16 lots of seeds in this square, so another 15 to go 🙂   According to my spreadsheet, I need to plant a second lot of carrots this weekend in another square in order to keep the harvest going.  The spreadsheet tells me to expect my first harvest on the 8th of July….

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