Decking Renewed

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Due to this and that, I never treated the decking with anything last year, something which is normally a yearly thing just before T&J’s birthday.  I built this decking just before their birthday probably a good fives years ago and it has really been used constantly ever since.   I’m no fan for decking for the sake of it, this corner of the garden used to be a small bit of patio with steps going down…. and then back up again to the door, all with shingle inbetween.   With toddlers in the house at the time it was part of the garden that did not get used much (at that point we had another door opening to the garden that we used instead).

If only this part of the garden got more sun it would be so much nicer, but there is not much we can do about that.   As it is, it gets a bit of sun first thing in the morning, and a small bit in the evening when the sun is as high as it is now.  However, while it may not be a sun trap to sit on, it is a great shaded area and T&J have played on it either on their bikes or their Little Tykes cars for years, and it is now our main way out to the garden.

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